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19. 06. 2024

Intraocular injector syringe Hamilton

Hamilton’s Intraocular Injector Syringe technology provides unprecedented functionality for controlled, intraocular injections in lab animals. More information in brochure below

19. 06. 2024

High Temperature Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

The AURA EXT series is designed to control the pressure of gases and liquids at elevated temperatures and ambient process environments as high as 260°C. More information in brochure below.

10. 05. 2024

New laboratories

We are pleased to announce opening our new production and laboratories.

10. 05. 2024

TLC-Flash Reader

TLC-Flash Reader The multifunctional TLC plate reader is intended for use with TLC plates up to 8.5 cm (width) and 12.5 cm (length). The TLC-FlashReader can be paired with all PuriFlash® Gen 5, puriFlash® XS 520 Plus & puriFlash® 535-XL Flash Chromatographs. This brings a great advantage, as it is possible to easily convert the TLC method to FLASH purification. More information can be found here .

07. 05. 2024

Promotional offers for VIO and VIOLAB devices

For the end of spring and almost the whole summer, we are offering you our sale on VIO and VIOLAB devices for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity and DO. There are portable and desktop models on offer.


25% discount and the promotion is valid until 30.7.2024.

You can find more information in our leaflet.

28. 03. 2024

Guardian 3000 and 2000 series magnetic stirrer

For laboratory applications, we offer magnetic stirrers Guargian 3000 and 2000 at a special price. More information in our attached leaflet.

28. 03. 2024

Filter apparatus for vacuum filtration

We have a special offer for you on filter equipment for vacuum filtration. You can find more information about the apparatus and possible filters in our attached leaflet.

PROMOTION ENDS 30.5. 2024.

Promotional price CZK 4,900 without VAT

09. 01. 2024

Product change notification

From the 15th of January 2024 the design of several models of exhaust filters will be changed. These changes do not influence any quality characteristics, such as lifetime, capacity, shelf-life and adsorbent weight.


02. 01. 2024

Vials and accessories

02. 01. 2024