Physical Properties / Introduction



The concept of using digital Memosens sensors is globally unique.

As a result of contactless transmission technology, the Memosens plug & play system is 100% waterproof and resistant to dirt, corrosion, salt bridges, overpressure and interference potentials. This makes it clearly superior to conventional systems. Its robust connector also makes Memosens extremely resistant to mechanical influences. Inductive signal transmission results in perfect galvanic isolation. Even when system components or process media are insufficiently grounded or frequency converters are causing EMC interference, stable, precise measurements can still be realized. Further equipotential bonding measures such as solution ground are unnecessary

Main benefits

  • Contactless coupling
  • Pre-calibrated sensors
  • Intelligent diagnostics
  • Mobile control of process sensors

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Physical Properties Measurement

Physical properties measurement is an area covering various electrochemical and spectrophotometric methods. The most commonly measured parameters are: pH, redox-potential (ORP), conductivity, dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and turbidity. Area of Physical Properties Measurement also includes colorimetry, which is uses mostly for:total and free chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH, chlorine dioxide, bromine and ozone.

This section includes interesting information in following areas

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