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20.05.21Oxygen Analyzers 3000RS Series

Analyzátor Teledyne 3000RS

The ​RS Series represents Teledyne's benchmark online oxygen analyzer platform in its smallest yet most powerful form factor yet. 3000RS analyzers may be configured to work with micro-fuel cells or paramagnetic type sensors for analysis of trace or percent oxygen in a common form factor. A front panel dimension of approximately 4.3"W x 5.1"H x 16.8"D (109 x 130 x 427 mm) allows for mounting of up to four (4) RS-Series analyzers in a  single 19-inch 3U bezel. Key parameters are displayed on the 3.5" touchscreen color LCD. All gas connections and I/O are accessible at the rear panel.

Ask for more information to detekce@chromservis.eu

07.05.21Transmitter Stratos Multi with Ethernet Protocol

Stratos Multi with EtherNet/IP

The new Stratos Multi E471N is the next generation of our proven 4-wire transmitters with a future-proof Industrial Ethernet protocol.

A wide range of measurement and diagnostics data will be transmitted digitally in real time and it can be used for all parameter. 

You will soon find it in our e-shop.


07.05.21New conductivity sensor made by Knick with Memosens

KnickKnick is preparing a new conductivity toroidal sensor for heavy-duty applications SE 656 N with the Memosens protocol. It will expand the range of digital sensors, which significantly help technologists in places where accurate measurements and poor access to sensor control are required. Y

You will soon find it in our e-shop.

20.11.20New website about detection

If you are interested in gas detection devices and information about news from this industry, please visit our new website https://www.detekceplynu.cz (only in Czech). We are preparing new articles for you here and we will be happy to answer your questions here.

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18.09.19New Service Remote Support

TeamViewerAs part of our ongoing improvement of our services, we introduced a new service - service/technical support through remote assistance. All you need to do is download TeamViewer to your computer to which you have our device connected.

This support is free of charge within the warranty period (in the case of a warranty intervention). Otherwise, the service is charged at our standard service rate.


  • Faster service technician intervention
  • Less expensive service - do not pay shipping costs

19.08.19Honeywell/RAE Systems PID detectors - improvements

We would like to inform you about improvement of Honeywell RAE Systems PID detectors. These are MiniRAE Lite, MiniRAE 3000MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000 and UltraRAE 3000.

RAE měřeníThe manufacturer has added a module BLE module (Bluetooth Low Energy) and created an application for smart mobile phones.

You can download the application to your mobile device, where you will go all the measured data online via Ble module. You can take a photo of the measurement location and add it there, and after the measurement, make a note report and email it.



Design Features:

  • Simultaneously displays Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Pressure and Temperature
  • Multi-Gas functionality: support for 90 different gases and gas mixes
  • Operation of DPC fl ow controllers is based on the measurement of the differential pressure across specially designed restrictor flow elements.
  • Flow accuracy: ±(0.5% RD + 0.2% FS) at calibration temperature and pressure conditions after tare

09.04.19Fixed detector Xgard Bright

Xgard Bright Detector


Description:  https://www.chromservis.eu/media/0/01_obrazky/Crowcon_Xgard_ Bright_WEB.jpg

  • same case as other Xgard
  • OLED detectors display showing measured value
  • electrical outputs 4 - 20 mA, RS-485 Modbus, HART (optional)
  • relay - alarm, error
  • 4-wire, addressable (installation cost reduction)

02.04.19Process sensors CHS

Process sensors CHS

The sensors CHS are electrochemical sensors manufactured in Switzerland for pH/ORP measurement of various media. Each sensor has a name, serial number, batch number, and temperature range on its body. All sensors are subject to double quality control, both in the factory and before receiving the Chromservis s.r.o. QC certificate is issued to the sensors based on visual inspection and response control by certified buffer.

We manufacture sensor and modify the offer according to current customer requirements. We supply versions with a S8 head, a fixed cable with a free end, a K8 or VP connector and a temperature sensor (Pt100 or PT1000).

The probes supplied have different types of glass, suitable for different applications, a special CHROMOLYTE electrolyte designed for the needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry. CHROMOLYTE electrolyte resists sterilization (SIP) and on-site cleaning (CIP) up to 130 ° C and can be used at pressure up to 6 bar.

For a survey of the process sensors, click here.

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