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21. 11. 2022

The new YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns are characterised by a bioinert surface coating on the column body and frit. YMC-Accura columns are ready to use without any preconditioning, unlike the analysis of sensitive substances using standard columns. The sensitivity is significantly enhanced and precious samples are recovered without any loss. The coating is less hydrophobic compared to the PEEK-lining used in the YMC-Triart metal-free (U)HPLC columns. It is intended primarily for challenging substances such as oligonucleotides, nucleotides, selected proteins/peptides and metal-coordinating small molecules e.g., organophosphates.

New surface coated hardware greatly suppresses interaction between analytes and column inner surface. All Triart materials can be packed & UHPLC compatible columns are also available. It can be used with the same manner as regular stainless steel column. Stainless steel processed by bioinert surface coating (all wetted parts including frits).


  • Suitable for metal coordination compounds, e.g. nucleotides, oligonucleotides
  • Excellent peak shapes for sensitive compounds
  • No carry-over effects
  • Applicable for highly sensitive LC/MS analysis

The all information as well as examples of applications you can find in brochure.