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RAE Systems - AutoRAE Lite

LED Reference, few remarks on the use of AutoRAE Lite
Status LED explanation
LED Red Green Solid Orange Blinking Orange
Power Battery low (no external power) External power or battery OK --- ---
Bump Fail Pass --- Processing
Cal Fail Pass --- Processing
Service Request No SD card or wrong internal time* or communication failure or SD card space is very low --- --- SD card is locked or needs to be formated or SD card space is very low

* Set the AutoRAE Lite's time before its first use and whenever the AutoRAE Lite has not been used for more than 10 days.

Default password for the "administrator mode" in the AutoRAE Lite Utility program is: rae

Note1: Before bump test or calibration make sure that gas cylinder is atttached and pressure gauge reads > 50psi.

Note2: When display of ToxiRAE 3 shows "Ir" (turn it by press the Y/+ button for few swconds) and you press detector face-down into the dock on the AutoRAE Lite, both the Bump and Cal LEDs (above the buttons) have to glow green.