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Purification and separation

Culturing difficult cells

BioLevitatorA wide variety of cells have been cultured in the BioLevitator™, including primary cells and stem cells:

  • Primary human proximal tubule
  • Adipose stem cell
  • Hek 293
  • CHO
  • Prostate cancer cell (PC3)
  • Bladder cancer cell (T24)

GEMRevolutionizing your cell culture workflow The BioLevitator™ supports all stages of the cell culture process and enables all biologists to streamline their cell culture workflow. In addition, the GEMs™ are compatible with many downstream applications and support further streamlining of cell culture to assays.

Providing better cellular models to cell-based applications

The BioLevitator provides cells that emulate in vivo physiologic and biochemical responses. Cells grown on GEMs™ express better 3D structure. In addition assaying cells directly on GEM™ substrate eliminate the stress of enzymatic harvest. For example, it is possible to measure cellular voltage via patch clamp techniques with the cells attached to the GEM™.

More information about BioLevitator™ is available here.

PCR plates compatibility table

PCR platesCompatibility table of PCR plates with thermocyclers

Termal cyclers compatibility
Biometra 96 PCR plate (non-skired), 96.9883.9.01 96 PCR plate (semi-skired), 96.9885.9.01
Uno + +
Uno II + +
T1 Thermocycler + +
T3 Thermocycler - -
Tgradient + +
TRobot + +
Mastercycler Gradient + +
PCR sprint - -
PCR Express + +
Touchdown + +
Omnigene + +
Omn-E + +
MJ Research    
PTC-200 + +
PTC-225 + +
PTC-100 + +
Primus 96 + +
GeneAmp 2700 + +
GeneAmp 9600 + +
GeneAmp 9700 + +
Robocycler + -
Touchgene Gradient + +
Flexigene + +
Genius + +





Protein Partitioning - Next Generation Protein Depletion


Protein depletion has been used for some years to remove most of the albumin and/or IgG from biofluids such as plasma and serum prior to analysis, but it is clear that this alone is insufficient to enable progress to be made in biomarker discovery. The presence of highly abundant proteins significantly complicates the discovery process by masking the presence and limiting the detection of low abundance species. ProteomeLab IgY partitioning addresses this issue by reversibly capturing the more abundant proteins from human biofluids such as plasma and serum, yielding an enriched pool of low abundance proteins for further study. The captured proteins can also be easily recovered for investigation if required.


IgY-12 will selectively partition the 12 highly abundant proteins:



    • ProteinAlbumin


    • Alpha1-acid Glycoprotein


    • Alpha1-Antitrypsin


    • Alpha2-Macroglobulin


    • Apolipoprotein A-I


    • Apolipoprotein A-II


    • Fibrinogen


    • Haptoglobin


    • IgA


    • IgG Total


    • IgM


    • Transferrin



Ask for more information here.


Micro and PCR Plates

Oligonucleotides Purification

The demand for purified and characterized nucleic acids and oligonucleotides has increased tremendously over the last few years due to widespread use of molecular biology techniques in drug discovery. There have been developed novel separation solutions, such as Clarity BioSolutions, for synthetic DNA and RNA based on the industry’s purity, capacity, and recovery requirements.

Clarity QSP

  • Sample preparation method

  • > 90% typical purities and yields for both DNA & RNA

  • Purify oligos ranging from 10 – 100nt

  • Simple three-step process delivers highly purified DNA/RNA in minutes

Clarity Oligo RP

  • Reversed phase HPLC columns for high purity oligonucleotides

  • Easily separates n-1 failure synthetic sequences from target with 95% purities

  • Preparative dimensions for capacities > 1 µmole

Clarity Desalting Tubes

  • Sample preparation method

  • C18, silica-based material delivers 70% typical purity by removing salt and excess reagent

  • Economical, disposable tubes

  • Removes salt prior to MS analysis or post IEX separation