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Culturing difficult cells

BioLevitatorA wide variety of cells have been cultured in the BioLevitator™, including primary cells and stem cells:

  • Primary human proximal tubule
  • Adipose stem cell
  • Hek 293
  • CHO
  • Prostate cancer cell (PC3)
  • Bladder cancer cell (T24)

GEMRevolutionizing your cell culture workflow The BioLevitator™ supports all stages of the cell culture process and enables all biologists to streamline their cell culture workflow. In addition, the GEMs™ are compatible with many downstream applications and support further streamlining of cell culture to assays.

Providing better cellular models to cell-based applications

The BioLevitator provides cells that emulate in vivo physiologic and biochemical responses. Cells grown on GEMs™ express better 3D structure. In addition assaying cells directly on GEM™ substrate eliminate the stress of enzymatic harvest. For example, it is possible to measure cellular voltage via patch clamp techniques with the cells attached to the GEM™.

More information about BioLevitator™ is available here.