Thermal conductivity analyzer Model 2000A

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Catalog number: T*2000A

Thermal conductivity is a basic property of gases that relates to their ability to conduct heat. Good conductors of heat, such as H2 and He, have a high thermal conductivity whereas poor conductors of heat, such as CO2 and Ar, have low values. This ability to conduct heat forms the basis of detection.

The Series 2000 of Thermal Conductivity Analyzers is comprised of versatile, microprocessor based instruments for measuring:

  • The concentration of one gas in a mixture of two gases
  • The concentration of a gas in a mixture of background gases
  • The purity of a sample steam containing a single impurity or a mixture of impurities


  • Gas mixture blending
  • Breathable diving gases
  • Calibration gas blends
  • Specialty gas cylinders for SF6, laser gas mixtures, etc.
  • H2 purity monitoring in recycle gas streams
  • Redesulfurization process
  • H2 reformer process
  • Hydrogen purity analysis of purge cooling gas in the turbine generator housing to detect possible seal leaks
  • Hydrogen detection in the Containment Building in the event of a loss of coolant accident

Datasheet in pdf can be found at this link https://www.chromservis.eu/…as-detection.

Technical Specifications

Ranges: Three ranges plus a cal range, field selectable within limits (application dependent) and auto ranging
Display: Backlit 2 line alphanumeric LCD, 5 digit LED display
Accuracy: ±1% of full scale for most binary mixtures at constant temperature, ±5% of full scale over operating temperature range once temperature equilibrium has been reached
Response time: 90% in less than 10 seconds with a flow rate of 100 sccm
Operating temperature: 0 to 50° C
Sensor type: Standard TC cell (4-filament detector)
Signal output: Two 0–1 VDC (concentration and range ID), two 4–20 mADC isolated (concentration and range ID)
Alarm: Two fully programmable concentration alarm set points and corresponding Form C, 3 amp contacts.
Cell material: Nickel plated brass block with nickel alloy filaments and stainless steel piping and end plates
Reference gas: Sensor selection dependent.
Tube connections: 1/4” compression fittings, 6 mm adapters optional
Wetted parts: Stainless steel, nickel, and gold (gold filament option)
Power requirements: 110 VAC, 50–60 Hz (220 VAC optional)
Zero / Span drift: ±1 % of FS
Pressure: 5–50 psig


  • General useATEX
  • On-lineAnalyzer type
  • Table/StolníAnalyzer/Enclosure mounting

Operating conditions

  • TCDDetection/Operation principle

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