Stratos Multi 4-wire, multiparameter, digital basic unit, 1-channel transmitter

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Catalog number: E401N

Stratos Multi is a new generation transmitter in a robust housing for indoor and outdoor installation. It is resistant to UV radiation. The display consists of 3mm thick scratch-resistant glass. The VariPower power supply enables worldwide use (80 V… 230 V AC, 24 V… 60 V DC). The converter has a colour display with intuitive operation.

All parts are easy to access. The terminal space is without electronics and offers a large space, which simplifies commissioning.

  • Each time the cover is opened, an alarm is triggered
  • Pre-assembly of the rear unit
  • Flat and encapsulated electronics
  • Easy replacement
  • Low heat

Stratos Multi allows connection of different types of sensors for measuring pH, conductivity, ORP and dissolved oxygen: MS, analogue, optical DO, ISM.

Reliable operation in all industries
  • Specially sealed EPDM buttons
  • Deliberately avoiding the touch screen
  • No additional sealing film via display or keyboard

Technical parameters

Current output 2 × 0/4 to 20mA
HART output version 7.x
Number of devices on the bus Max. 15
Number of relays 3
Ethernet IP For Stratos Multi E471N (from Q3 2020)
Memory The last 100 values, with a data card of 20,000 values
Logging interval 10s to 10hrs
Protection IP66/6


  • MULTIPhys. property
  • Wall mounting/na zeďAnalyzer/Enclosure mounting

Operating conditions

  • na výběrAnalogue output

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