G110 Incubator analyser 0-100% CO2, 0-100% O2, RH, internal pump

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Catalog number: G*G110-11N

New CO2 analyser designed to monitor CO2 for multiple applications, including Brewing industry. This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specifi cation requirements, that provide the user with a fast, simple to use analyser.


  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
  • Quick verifi cation of CO2
  • Time saving with dual temperature probes
  • Large data storage and user friendly software and download
  • Easy to read large well lit display
  • Built in gas moisture removal


  • CO2 0 to 100%

Options for:

  • O2 0–100%
  • Dual temperature probes 0 – 50°C
  • Data storage and download
  • Humidity Sensor 0–100%
Technical parameters
Operating temperature 5 to 40°C
Relative humidity 0–95% non condensing (RH Probe 0–100% non condensing)
Barometric pressure ± 200 mbar from calibration pressure
Weight 495 grams
Size 165mm x 100mm x 55mm (L x W x D)


  • General useATEX
  • Medicinální plyny/potravinyGas Application
  • PortableAnalyzer type

Operating conditions

  • IRDetection/Operation principle

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