05.01.16CHS-Waterdip armature

Process armaturePlastic submersible armature CHS-WaterDip is designed for the placement process sensors (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen) with standard body diameter of 12 mm and process thread PG 13.5. The armature is available in various lengths depending on application. It is intended primarily for water supply (water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants), aquaculture (farm ponds) and wherever it is required resistance to aggressive chemicals.

More details are available here: Process armatures.





19.10.15Hamilton HDHT syringes

HDHT SyringeHamilton introduces a new headspace syringe featuring a unique Glue-Free (GF) needle attachment in combination with the well-known High Dynamic (HD) plunger designed specifically for PAL COMBI–xt Headspace Autosamplers.

Benefits of Hamilton HDHT headspace syringes
  • Glue-Free needle attachment is chemically inert, eliminating detached needles due to contact with organic, and chlorinated solvents
  • Glue-Free needle attachment minimizesghost peaks
  • Temperature stability up to 200°C means a wider range of sample components can be analyzed
  • Patented spring-in-plunger design creates a dynamic seal between the plunger tip and the inside of the glass barrel for leak-free operation

29.07.15ARGOLAB Ultrasonic Cleaner Baths

Ultrasonic bathsArgo Lab ultrasonic cleaner baths with housing made of top quality stainless steel. Timer for countdown and
built-in heating to 60°C for DU series and 80°C for AU series.

DU series with digital controller and display with indication of actual and setting temperature (no mod. DU-06),
timer and ultrasonic power control (no mod. DU-06).

AU series with analogic control for temperature and timer. AU-450 for degassing of HPLC solvents and the
processing of samples, with holder SS-200 for sieve cleaning.

15.04.15NEW Rxi®-1301Sil MS Columns

Rxi-1301Sil MS columnsCyano-based 1301 columns are general use GC columns that are well suited for the analysis of solvents across a range of volatilities. The cyano stationary phase provides more retention of polar compounds than a 5-type column; however, cyano-based stationary phases are prone to high bleed and poor robustness, limiting their utility. The new Rxi®-1301Sil MS column from Restek is a silarylene-based cyano stationary phase that not only offers the column selectivity needed for analyzing less volatile compounds, but also provides stable column chemistry which results in lower column bleed and improved robustness

  • Highest thermal stability in the industry ensures dependable, accurate MS results and increased uptime.
  • Stabilized cyano phase selectivity improves the performance of existing methods. Ideal for solvents, glycols, and other polar compounds.
  • Rigorous QC testing ensures inertness and accurate, reliable data for multiple compound classes.
  • Maximum temperature: up to 320°C

27.03.15Chromatography Modeler

Chromatography ModelerHave you already tried EZGC Chromatography modeler by Restek? This tool is the easiest way to jump-start your method development! Just put your compound name and search fro suitable capillary colum. You either can use this tool online at the manufacturer's website or you can download the applicattion to your desktop. Visit the website here.

23.03.15XS balances

XS balanceXS Balance is the new project by Giorgio Bormac for the oldest, and the most used measure in the human history. The appealing design, ease of use, and the great reliability are guaranteed by XS. A series of multifunction balances, suitable for use in laboratory and in production processes, thanks to the multiple functionalities: counts-pieces, determination of %, and 21 different selectable units. The internal rechargeable battery ensures maximum portability of the balance, and the protective cover will help to save the instrument.

A large bright display, with all the necessary information, will make your experience of measurement simple and intuitive: the stability indicator will indicate the time at which the measure can be taken, and the ascending capacity bar will tell at first glance the weighing range still available. Balances are supplied with a standard complete and functional equipment, that includes the power supply and the external weight, necessary for the control of the correct operation. Is available, on request, the calibration certificate (Standard on the model BL 303) that includes tests of repeatability, linearity and corner load.



Phenomenex is launching a new extraction products. SLE (Simplified Liquid Extraction) is a technique that streamlines the extraction of complex samples with synthetic diatomaceous earth.Synthetic diatomaceous earth, unlike natural material, has an advantage that it consists of relatively symmetrical particles with characteristics ensuring repeatability of behavior during extraction.

Request more information here.

 If you like to download the catalogue, click here.

25.02.15New YM Chiral columns

YMC Chiral ArtYMC launched new CHIRAL ART coluns that ofer excellent separation of chiral compouns. There is broad range of various phases, such as:

  • NEA (R, S)
  • CD BR (a, b, g)
  • Amylose (C, SA, SE)
  • Cellulose (C, SB, SC)

All columns are available in analitical, semi-preparative and preparative dimensions.

27.05.14New HPLC autosampler and Prep workstation

HT4000 autosampler seriesHTA autosampler manufacturer launched new series of HPLC autosamplers. 4000 series has following key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Large sample capacity
  • Application versatility
  • Modular and scalable
  • Lab automation ready

Ask for more information here.

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