Incubating Orbital Thermal Shaker,model ISTHBLHTS, Touch control

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Thermal Shakers are designed for applications that require consistent and precise highspeed shaking with temp. control to 100°C. With heating & shaking capabilities, our shakers use interchangeable blocks to accommodate tubes & microplates. Intuitive LCD touchscreen allows the user to save & track progress of 5 user-defined programs, each with 5 individual steps. Enhanced electronics provide dependable temp. settings across the operating range.

  • Program Control for Five, 5-Step Programs
  • Enhanced Electronics Provide Accurate Temperatures Across the Range
  • Store and Transfer Data Easily with the Multi-Functional USB
  • Low Profile Design: The low profile design minimizes the unit’s footprint on the bench.
  • Pulse Mode Feature: The unit is equipped with a pulse mode feature for quick vortex applications
  • Maximum Temperature Limiting Function: Ensures the temperature will not exceed preset limits, allowing the user control of temperature sensitive samples.
  • Hot Top Indicator: A hot top warning light will illuminate when the temperature reaches 40°C, and will remain lit until the unit is sufficiently cooled.
  • Audible Alarm: In timed mode, an alarm will sound when the time reaches zero or set-point temperature is reached. Additionally, the heat function will automatically shut off if the unit recognizes an internal issue.
  • Operating Conditions: Unit can operate in conditions from 5 to 35°C, maximum 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Applications: Cell cultures, DNA, RNA, and protein studies..

Parameter Value
Temperature range Ambient +4° to 100 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1°C between 20°C and 45°C
  ± 2°C above 45°C
Speed range 300 to 3000 rpm
Speed accuracy ± 2% of set speed
Orbit 3 mm
Timer 1 minute to 99 hours, 59 minutes
Cooling Rate above ambient 2–3°C/min
Heating Rate 5°C/min
External dimensions (w x d x h) 260 × 248 × 132 mm
Weight 5,4 kg

Operating conditions

  • orbitálníMovement
  • 3000ot./min.Shaking speed
  • 3mmShaking Amplitude
  • různé modulární blokyMaximum weight capacity

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