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Protein Partitioning - Next Generation Protein Depletion


Protein depletion has been used for some years to remove most of the albumin and/or IgG from biofluids such as plasma and serum prior to analysis, but it is clear that this alone is insufficient to enable progress to be made in biomarker discovery. The presence of highly abundant proteins significantly complicates the discovery process by masking the presence and limiting the detection of low abundance species. ProteomeLab IgY partitioning addresses this issue by reversibly capturing the more abundant proteins from human biofluids such as plasma and serum, yielding an enriched pool of low abundance proteins for further study. The captured proteins can also be easily recovered for investigation if required.


IgY-12 will selectively partition the 12 highly abundant proteins:



    • ProteinAlbumin


    • Alpha1-acid Glycoprotein


    • Alpha1-Antitrypsin


    • Alpha2-Macroglobulin


    • Apolipoprotein A-I


    • Apolipoprotein A-II


    • Fibrinogen


    • Haptoglobin


    • IgA


    • IgG Total


    • IgM


    • Transferrin



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