PC 70 Vio w/o electrodes with temp.probe NT 55, SW Data-Link, BNC/S7 1m cable, pH buffers, carrying case and access.

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Catalog number: CHS-5358-B0M

Waterproof portable multimeter PC 70 Vio has a large new LCD display. The display shows current pH, ORP, TDS or conductivity and temperature simultaneously. The instrument enables user to store up to 1000 data sets according to GLP requirements. Data can be downloaded by Data-link SW.

Main features

  • multiparameter measurement – pH, ORP, TDS, conductivity and temperature
  • simple three-level calibration with automatic buffer recognition (pH)
  • 1-point calibration for ORP (475 mV)
  • automatic/manual temperature compensation (ref. value 15 až 30°C)
  • autodiagnostics and automatic switch off
  • waterproof keypad (IP57)
  • communication via USB

Water industry and water treatment, acquaria, swimming pools, acquaaparks and spa, agriculture, food industry, pulp and paper industry, power stsations (boilers, cooling towers), water quality control and environmental studies, school and technology laboratories.

PC 70 Vio set contains S7/BNC cable, temperature probe NT55, pH and conductivity buffers, power adapter, software Data-Link, accessories in the carrying case.

Measured values
Range –2,00 to 16,00 pH
Resolution 0,1/0,01 pH
Accuracy ±0,02
Calibration 3-level automatic (buffers USA, NIST) + 2 custom
Sensor connection BNC connector – for various electrodes
Range –1 000 to +1 900 mV
Resolution 0,1 mV (±200 mV), 1 mV in higher range
Accuracy ±1% FS
Calibration 1 point (475 mV)
Range 0,00 to 20,00 μS/cm
  20,00 to 200,0 μS/cm
  200,0 to 2 000 μS/cm
  2,000 to 20,00 mS/cm
  20,0 to 200,0 mS/cm
Resolution 0,1/1 μS/cm
  0,1/1 µS/cm, 0,01/0,1 mS/cm
Accuracy ±2% FS
Calibration points 1 to 5 automatic, 1 manual
Range 0 to 200 g/L
Resolution 1% FS
Accuracy ±2% FS
TDS factor 0,40 to 1,0
Range –10,0 to 110,0°C
Resolution 0,1°C
Accuracy ±0,5°C
Technical parameters
Temperature compensation Automatic/manual (0 to 100°C)
Stability indicator Yes
Normalized temperature 10,0 to 30,0°C (25°C standard)
Temperature coefficient 0,00 to 10,00%
Cell constant 0,1/ 1,0/ 10,0
Automatic switch-off adjustable
Operation temperature 0 to 45°C
Inputs 2× BNC, RCA/cinch connector (ATC), USB (PC)
Power supply 3× alcaline batteries 1,5V AA, AC/DC with USB from PC
Protection IP57
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 185 × 85 × 40 mm


  • MULTIPhys. property
  • PortableInstrument type

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