Zebron ZB-FAME GC Capillary Column 30m x 0.25mm x 0.2µm

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Catalog number: 7HG-G033-10

Zebron ZB-FAME

Designed to move beyond the conventional to the exceptional, Zebron™ GC columns come to life through a coupling of innovative spirit and technical excellence. As part of the Zebron Unlimited series of columns, Zebron ZB-FAME offers unparalleled performance through the power of targeted selectivity when analyzing fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs).

Optimized High-Cyano Polarity

FAME separations require the use of high polarity columns for adequate resolution of cis/trans isomers. Zebron™ ZB-FAME is an optimized highcyanopropyl (G48) chemistry that provides the polarity that you need, while remaining compatible with AOAC, AOCS, and IOC regulatory methods.

Baseline Separation of Common Isomers

Food and dietary standards require separation of cis/trans fatty acids. Zebron™ ZB-FAME is able to separate from C4 to C24 with resolution of specific cis/trans fatty acids.

Twice The Runs, Half The Time

Traditionally, cis/trans FAME separations require the use of long (100 meters or more) columns and can run up to 60 minutes, resulting in a bottleneck to higher productivity. Zebron™ ZB-FAME provides targeted selectivity that allows for reduced column length – run times as short as 11 minutes without compromising your results|

Recommended use: Fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), Cis/trans FAME isomers

Temperature limits: –60 to 280°C


  • 30mLength
  • 0.25mmID
  • 0.2µmFilm thickness

Stationary Phases

  • ZB-FAMEGC Phases

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