Zebron ZB-5HT Capillary GC Column 15m x 0.32mm x 0.25µm + Cage 5"

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Catalog number: 7EM-G015-11-B

Zebron Inferno

With advanced polymer bonding technology and specialized high temperature polyimide coating, Zebron Inferno columns offer enhanced performance where other columns fail. Since Zebron Inferno columns have extremely high temperature limits, it allows for the use of more aggressive column baking steps to remove persistent contaminants, thus prolonging column lifetimes. Every column is individually tested for low bleed and MS certified.

Polyimide coating

Standard polyimide resin pyrolyzes at temperatures above 360 °C, making the tubing unstable. The Zebron Inferno columns utilize a special dark polyimide resin that shows minimal thermal degradation even attemperatures up to 430 °C. This results in longer column lifetime at elevated temperatures.

Rugged Stationary Phase

Zebron’s Engineered Self Cross-linking (ESC) bonding technology reinforces the stationary phase for enhanced column durability at high temperatures and extremely low bleed levels. With nonpolar stationary phases it provides true boiling point separation for hydrocarbon distillation methods.

Stationary Phase ZB-5HT Inferno
Composition 5% Phenyl, 95% Dimethylpolysi­loxane
Temperature limits –60°C to 400°C (0.53mm ID) or 430°C, Isothermal/Tem­perature Programmed
Polarity 8 (Non-polar)
MS Certified Yes
Cage width 5 inch
  High Boiling Petroleum Products
  Simulated Distillation Methods
  Long-chained Hydrocarbons
  Diesel Fuel
Applications Motor Oils
  High Molecular Weight Waxes


  • 15mLength
  • 0.32mmID
  • 0.25µmFilm thickness

Stationary Phases

  • ZB-5HT InfernoGC Phases

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