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Catalog number: 243560

The VisiTrace DO sensor is a high performance trace dissolved oxygen sensor. The VisiTrace DO is designed to measure dissolved oxygen in the low ppb range in brewing applications, notably during filtration and filling. An adjacent market is for boiler feed water treatment in power plants. The VisiTrace DO offers all the advantages of Hamilton`s optical dissolved oxygen sensors including fast response time and easy maintenance. When compared to conventional electrochemical sensors, the VisiTrace DO performance improvements include flow independence; rapid start-up with no polarization required and simplified maintenance.

VisiTrace DO provides the ability to rapidly detect changes across its 0–2,000 ppb dissolved oxygen range. It is not affected by flow, pressure or presence of CO2. VisiTrace DO provides accurate and undistorted results across all conditions and concentrations. The VisiTrace L0 sensor cap is resistant to cleaning solutions containing active chlorine or chlorine dioxide. The robust VisiTrace DO sensor does not need calibration after each CIP cycle. An integrated Bluetooth 4.0 enables compatibility with both the new Arc View Ex Mobile smartphone and 243499 Wireless Converter BT for interface to HDM on a PC or tablet (FW version 1.5 required).

Note: at this time the VisiTrace is not ATEX rated nor does it have HART communication. Note: The VisiTrace is only compatible with the 243530, ODO L0 sensor cap. The sensor cap is included with the sensor.

Technical specification
Parameter Value
O-ring Material EPDM (FDA approved)
Serial Number Yes
4–20 mA Accuracy <0.3% current value + 0.05 mA
Electrolyte None
Required Flow None
Protection Rating IP 68
Surface Quality of Steel Ra <0.4 μm (N5)
4–20 mA Current Range 3.5 to 22 mA
Autoclavable No
Measuring Range 0 to 2 ppm (0 to 50 mbar)
Accuracy at 25°C ±0.5 ppb or 2% whichever is greater
Drift at Room Temp <1 % per week @ 100 ppb
Response Time <20 sec in gas, <90 sec in water


  • 120mmSensor length
  • PG 13,5Process connection


  • DOPhys. property
  • Maintenance requiredMaintenance
  • General useATEX
  • M12Electrical connection


  • Nerez ocel 1.4435Sensor material
  • NTC 22Temperature sensor

Operating conditions

  • -1 - 12barOperating pressure
  • -10 - 140°COperating temperature
  • 0 - 2 000ppbMeasuring range (DO)
ODO Cap L0 Kit
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