Vial 1.8ml, 12x32mm, crimp cap, widemouth, w/label, amber

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Catalog number: CHS-2-CAL

Vials are made from special glass without presence of arsenic. Arsenic is used as an additive during the manufacturing process that protects bubbles forming in the glass. Series CHS vials are manufactured under strict purity conditions and at the end of the manufacturing process they are processed in Clean room Class 8 according to ISO 14644.


  • High vial purity – minimal possibility of sample contamination

Safety disposal – vials do not contain arsenic

  • Autosampler reliability – tight tolerance of dimensions in the manufacturing process (better than common vials)
  • White label for easy sample identifi cation with bottom visibility (easy sample check in the vial)
  • Amber types (for compounds sensitive to light)
  • Crimp and Screw types for robotic autosamplers
Dimensions: 12×32 mm
Compatibility: ROBO Vials, Taget DP, R.A.M. (screw vials)
Neck type: wide mouth


  • 2mlVial Volume (ml)
  • 11 mmCap


  • Crimp-TopVial Type
  • AmberColour
  • With labelVial label
  • Flat bottomBottom

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