Synergi 4µm Hydro-RP 80A HPLC Column 250 x 4.6 mm

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Catalog number: 00G-4375-E0

Synergi HYDRO-RP shows increased hydrophobic retention and polar retention compared to other C18 phases. Extremely polar analytes do not retain well nor separate well on conventional C18 columns. Unlike conventional C18 columns, Synergi Hydro-RP’s C18 bonded phase is endcapped with a proprietary polar group to provide extreme retention of both hydrophobic as well as polar compounds via polar interactions, hydrogen bonding or electrostatic interactions. Synergi Hydro-RP utilizes a bonded phase designed for 100 % aqueous mobile phases so the C18 ligands remain accessible to the sample and column performance is maintained.

Important Features

  • Extreme retention of hydrophobic compounds
  • Improved polar selectivity
  • Stable in 100 % aqueous mobile phase


  • 4.6mmID
  • 250mmLC length

Stationary Phases

  • 4µmParticle Size
  • 80APor Size
  • Hydro-RPLC Phases
  • SynergiBrand
  • Fully PorousParticle Type


  • HPLCLC Technique

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