Strata C18-E (55µm, 70A) 96-Well Plate, 50mg/well, 2/pk

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Catalog number: 8E-S001-DGB

Guaranteed Performance

Strata® SPE products are manufactured by Phenomenex to bring you optimum quality ,reproducibility and performance. These high quality products are available in standard tubes (1,3 and 6 ml) for traditional sample preparation, 96-well plates for high-throughput screening, 20 × 2.0 mm on-line SPE cartridges for rapid extraction and Giga™ tubes for large volume sample cleanup and concentration. Strata sorbent chemistries include a complete range of high performance silica and polymer-based non-polar, polar and ionic phases, that offer a wide range of diversity in addition to custom phases for specialized analysis.

With every Strata SPE product expect:

  • aLot-to-Lot Reproducibility
  • aContaminant Free Extracts

More details about the stationary phase of the SPE tubes are available here


  • 96-Well plateSPE format
  • 50mgSorbent mass


  • Strata C18-ESPE sorbent

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