Strata C18-E (55µm, 70A) 500mg/50mL, Centrifuge Tube, 50/Pk

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Strata SPE

Strata® SPE products are manufactured by Phenomenex to bring you optimum quality, reproducibility and performance. Strata sorbent chemistries include a complete range of high performance silica and polymer-based non-polar, polar and ionic phases that offer a wide range of diversity in addition to custom phases for specialized analysis.

  • Clean extracts
  • Higher recovery
  • Better reproducibility
C18-E sorbent

End-capped C18 sorbent offers strong hydrophobic retention with negligible secondary polar interactions from active silanol groups. Target analytes are hydrophobic, i.e. those containing carbon chains.

Sorbent type: Silica-based
Surface area: 500m2/g
Mean particle size: 55µm
Mean pore size: 70A


  • TubeSPE format
  • 500mgSorbent mass
  • 50mlSPE Volume


  • Strata C18-ESPE sorbent

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