Sorbent tubes ANASORB CSC,ANASORB CSC, 2 tubes, 8x110mm, 50 sets

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Sorbent tube sampling is the NIOSH/OSHA/EPA approved method for collecting most hazardous gases and vapors from the air. A sample is collected by opening a tube, connecting it to a sample pump, and pulling air through the tube with the pump. Airborne chemicals are trapped onto the surface of the sorbent. The tube is extracted using solvents or heat. The sample extracted from the tube is analyzed to determine the amount of chemical hazard present. Tubes produced by SKC company excel good-quality with reproducible recoveries and low standard deviation. SKC offers a complete line of tubes for occupational and environmental methods. To select a tube for a specific compound search the Sampling Guide here

Anasorb CSC is coconut-shell charcoal based sorbent. The adsorbent is suitable for sampling a broad range of primarily non-polar compounds.

Main features

Mesh Size 20/40
Adsorbent properties SKC proprietary sorbent, high surface area
Recommended temperature limit 900°C
Tube specifications
  • set of two tubes
Sorbent (coating) Anasorb CSC + Anasorb CSC
Size (mm) ODxL 8×110 + 8×110
Sections 1 + 1
Sorbent (mg) 400 + 200
Ends Glass Sealed
Separators Foam, Glass Wool + Foam, Glass Wool


  • 8mmOD cорбционные трубки


  • Жидкостная экстракцияMетод экстракции


  • КомбинированныйSorbent (coating)

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