SilcoCan, 3 liters, 2 Port RAVE, Siltek SS

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Catalog number: R*27405

For ultimate inertness, SilcoCan® air sampling canisters feature our unique Siltek® treatment technology. Even highly active components, at low parts-per-billion concentrations, can be readily sampled and stored without loss. The RAVE™ valve is a high-quality, metal-to-metal seal, 2/3-turn valve with metal diaphragms to prevent sample adsorption for more-accurate results. Both stainless steel and Siltek®-treated RAVE™ valves are available, in both the 2-port and 3-port configurations. Each canister is slightly pressurized with contaminant-free nitrogen prior to shipment.

Whether you are sampling for TO-14A, TO-15, or reactive sulfur compounds, SilcoCan® canisters are your best choice for inertness. In Tedlar® bags, the stability of low-level (100 ppbv) sulfur volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is poor, even within 24 hours of sampling. Sulfur compounds react with the metal surface in electropolished canisters, so they are unsuitable for collecting and storing low-level sulfur VOCs. SilcoCan® air sampling canisters, which feature a Siltek®-treated surface, offer excellent storage stability for sulfur VOCs at very low levels (5–20 ppbv), under dry or humid conditions. The versatility of the SilcoCan® canister makes it an excellent choice for collecting and storing TO-14A or TO-15 compounds.

Dimensions/Weights of Air Canisters

Can Volume Dimensions (height x sphere diameter) Weight
1 liter 21.6 × 13.3 cm 1.02 kg
3 liter 29.2 × 18.4 cm 1.59 kg
6 liter 31.8 × 23.5 cm 2.61 kg
15 liter 43.2 × 31.1 cm 5.33 kg
Other parameters

Range of standard gauge is: 30" Hg to 60 psi. Do not exceed canister maximum pressure of 40 psig (2.75 bar).

Note: If attaching any of Restek’s passive sampling kits to a 3 L canister, use a Siltek®-treated (cat.R*63646) or stainless steel (cat.R*563647) connector between the two components. Please contact Chromservis to order


  • 3lCan volume

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