puriFlash 5.007 EU Flash Chromatograph 750 ml/min, 7 ba, for up to 145 mm ID columns

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PF-XS 5.007

  • small dimensions
  • a powerful system
  • instrument with significant load capacity

Interchim has launched a new range of puriFlash Flash Chromatographs, which focuses on innovative technology to deliver a powerful system that makes it much easier for users to work. Flash chromatograph is designed for insulation of substances in large amount. Powerful high-pressure LC pumps puriFlash® XS 5.007 offer accuracy, linearity and repeatability in the full range at a level that allows the separation of complex samples. If you do not have to be a chromatograph expert, Genius will help you automatically set up the most suitable purification.

  • Extended UV range 200 to 800 nm
Technical parameters
Flow rate 750 ml/min
Max. pressure 7 bar
Gradient Quaternary
Air purge Integrated
Sample injection Liquid, dry-load
Column holders Integrated, including Pre-column holder
Detector UV 200 to 400 nm, Multiple wavelength & scan collection, spectral view & purity confirmation
Fraction Collector 3 Gen5 Trays for 132 tubes
User interface Touch screen 15 ", USB (8×), RJ45

Software|Intersoft® X „Genius“

Identification RFID for columns, trays, loops
Safety Leak MF monitoring and MF level monitoring


  • 7barДавление

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