puriFlash 4125 2X хроматограф, 250 мл/мин, 125 бар, дозирующий - переключающий клапан

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puriFlash 4125 is Premium FLASH chromatograph that combines the use of FLASH chromatography with preparative chromatography. Thus, it enables both preparative LC chromatography mode with preparative LC column (up to an internal diameter of 80 mm) and FLASH chromatography mode with FLASH columns. The chromatograph is designed for pressures up to 125 bar and a flow rate of 250 ml/min. The quartz gradient pump is equipped with a leak detector. The system offers liquid, solids and bulk injection with an external pump. In addition to the DAD detector (200 to 400 nm), it can be optionally equipped with an integrated ELSD detector.

The fraction collector is very versatile – it can select both pre-defined stacks and user-definable dimensions of the collecting containers. By default, there are 4 trays for 176 tubes of 18×150 mm (with integrated ELSD containing 3 trays with 132 tubes). The FLASH Chromatograph is equipped with a 15 "touch screen with adjustable position in various positions.

Unique Features

  • The system can be optionally connected via a special interface to the puriFlash MS mass spectrometer. Thus, fractions can be collected depending on measured m/z values in both normal and reversed FLASH and preparative LC.
  • Chromatograph displays on-line data from both DAD and MS
  • In total, it offers a display of 6 acquisition signals
  • Possibility to provide an automatic switch for up to 10 puriFlash Open Acess Lab CarouXel columns
Basic technical parameters
Flow rate 250 ml/min
Max. pressure 125 bar
Detector DAD 200 to 400 nm
ELSD detector Option (then Integrated, with nebulizer outside the assembly)
Fraction collector User-adjustable dimensions of collecting tubes/containers
Injection Liquid or solid
Pump Quaternary gradient
Column Compatibility – particle size 10µm, 15µm, 25µm, 30µm,+
Solvent level monitoring Option


  • 250barДавление

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