Portable Oxygen meter Oxy 7 - including polarographic sensor OXY DO7/MT (3m cable) and accessories

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Catalog number: 50010202

Portable Oxymeter OXY 7 has a large two-line LCD display showing the current measured oxygen value and temperature.  

Main features

  • Polarographic probe
  • Simple automatic one or two-point calibration
  • Indication of stability of measurement and calibration of buffers
  • Automatic pressure compensation and manual salinity compensation.
  • Special polymer construction and ergonomic design

Water and sewage treatment, aquariums, swimming pools, aqua-parks and spa equipment, agricultural and horticultural applications (fish farming, hydroponics etc.), the food industry, water quality control, and environmental studies

Note: The kit contains Oximeter OXY 7, polarographic probe OXY DO7/MT with 3 m cable, standard, replacement membrane and solution, accessories and case

Measured values
Range 0,00 to 19,99 mg/l-ppm/20,0 to 50,0 mg/l-ppm
Resolution 0,01/0,1
Accuracy ±1,5% F.S.
Oxygen saturation  
Range 0,0 to 199,9 %/200 to 400 %
Resolution 0,1/1 %
Accuracy ±10 %
Calibration 1 or 2 points automatic
Barometric air pressure  
Range 0,0 to 1100 mbar
Resolution 1 mbar
Accuracy ±0,5°C
Automatic compensation Yes
Range 0,0 to 60,0°C
Resolution 0,1°C
Accuracy ±0,5°C
Range 0,0 to 50 ppt
Salinity compensation YES, manual
Technical specifications
Indicator stability YES
Auto power off YES after 20 min
Operation temperature 0 až 50°C
Inputs BNC, RCA/cinch (ATC)
Power supply 3 × 1,5 V AA battery
Battery life 300 to 500 hour
Weight 295 g only meter
Dimensions 196 × 86 × 33 mm


  • DOPhys. property
  • PřenosnýInstrument type

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