pH 50+ DHS pH meter, complete with pH electrode 201T DHS

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Laboratory benchtop pH 50 pH/mV-metr is equiped with a large multifunctional LCD display that shows actualy measured pH or mV value and temperature. The display also shows graphic symbols informing about instrument status, error messages and stability indicator.


  • school laboratories
  • galvanic baths control
  • chemical industry
  • titration and QC
  • food and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical industry and clinical laboratories
  • water industry
Main features

• Resolution (0,1/0,01 pH) • Automatic calibration to 3 points, buffer recognition • Stability indicator • Automatic/manual temperature compensation (ATC) • Large LCD display

pH 50+ DHS complete kit with pH electrode XS 201T DHS with temp.sensor integrated and 1 m cable BNC colored pH buffer solution pH 7 and pH 4, electrodes arm, power supply and accessories.

Measured values
Unit Parameter Value
pH Range 0,00 to 14,00 pH
  Resolution 0,1/0,01 pH
  Calibration up to 3 points (USA/NIST buffers)
ORP Range ±1 000 mV
  Resolution 1 mV
Temperature Range 0 to 100°C
  Resolution 0,1°C
  Stability ±0,5°C (5 to 60°C), ±1°C outside this range
Technical parameters
Temperature compensation Automatic/Manual (0 to 100°C)
Stability indicator Yes
Operation temperature 5 to 45°C
Inputs Umput for DC adapter, BNC connector for pH electrode, cinch connectors for temperature probe and reference electrode
Power supply 5 VDC/220 VAC
Weight 550 g
Dimensions 160 × 185 × 70 mm


  • pHТип физической величины
  • StolníInstrument type

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