PC 8+ DHS complete stirrer kit incl. pH electrode DHS and conductivity electrodes, cable S7/BNC and buffer/conductivity solution

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Laboratory pH/mV/COND/TDS/Sa­linity/Tempera­tury meter PC 8+ is equipped with a large colour and contrast graphical display that user intuitively directs during the measurement and calibration.

Additionally the display shows measured values and the values of buffers, which were used for calibration, electrode status and GLP functions. pH-meter supports automatic buffer recognition and is equipped with a magnetic stirrer including electrode holder.

  • Kit include pH electrode XS Standard DHS and conductivity cell 2301T.

Measuring values and ranges

Parameter Value Range
pH measuring range –2 to 16 pH  
Resolution 0.1/0.01  
Relative accuracy ±0.02  
Points of calibration 1 to 3  
Buffer recognized USA,NIST,2 defined by user  
ORP Range −2 000 to +2 000 mV
  Resolution 1 mV
Conductivity Range 0,00..20,00 – 200,0 – 2000 µS; 2,00 – 20,00 – 200,0 mS
  Resolution automatic
  Accuracy ±1% full range
  Calibration 1..4
TDS Range 0,1 mg/l to 100 g/l
  TDS faktor/Přesnost 0,40..1,00/±1% z celkového rozsahu
Salinity Range 0,01 to 100 ppt
  Accuracy ±1% full range
Temperature measuring range –10 to 110°C  
Resolution/Accuracy 0.1/±0.5°C  

Technical parameters

Indication of calibration points YES
Indication electrode condition YES
Alarm setting for the measurement Icon (Low-Medium-High)
Temperature compensation Manual or automatic (NTC 30KΩ) 0 to 100°C
Temperature Calibration YES
Display Multicolor dot matrix, high resolution, digital or analogical view
Inputs 2×BNC, 2×Cinch/RCA(AT­C),USB, RS-232
Manual no
Magnetical stirrer YES, Removable
Speed control 0 to 3000 rpm
Protection IP54
Power supply AC/DC adapter 12V/1000mA
Dimensions 165 × 195 × 68 mm
Weight 1050g


  • MULTIPhys. property
  • StolníInstrument type

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