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Catalog number: 00125

High speed Time of Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer offers in connection with MASTER gas chromatograph unique solution for Fast GC/MS in comparison with traditional GC/MS systems with quadrupole analyzers.

New Master TOF Plus includes new optics design, improved signal processing and faster electronics. This led to highe mass stability, higher sensitivity and enlargement of linear dynamic range. GC/MS operators will ge following benefits:

  • analytical data with complete MS spectra within required sensitivity (no need to run SIM mode)
  • replaces tandem mass spectrometric methods
  • powerful deconvolution enables highe quality of qualitative data (bette identification)
  • lower costs per sample

New Master MS TOF Plus offers not only Fast GC/MS but GCxGC/MS technique as well.

Technical parameters

Resolution >2000 (m/z 219)
Speed 30000 native spectra/s
Sensitivity 1pg OFN = 600:1 (5–1024 m/z)
Sensitivity in „High Sensitivity Mode“ 0,1pg OFN = 100:1 (5–1024 m/z)
Stability ±0,05 amu/48 hr(±2ºC up to 614 amu)
Linearity >106 (0,01pg-10ng OFN)
Range 1–2024 amu

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Laboratory produtcs

Process measurement and controll

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