MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler for 160 samples

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Catalog number: 0310.500.100

Providing innovative sampling solutions, DANI MASTER AS maximizes lab productivity by offering leading edge technology in automation. Merging robotic technology with advanced three-dimensional space movements (X-Y-Z), it provides unprecedented automation and greater flexibility in sample capacity.

DANI MASTER AS provides maximum sample throughput with a standard 160 sample tray for 2 ml vials or optionally a 65 sample tray for 10 ml vials. The same sample can be introduced up to 100 times in a single injector or into three injectors alternatively. The sample can be taken at different selectable needle depths thus performing an extraction directly from the vial. Parameters are easily programmable to optimise both the most convenient sampling method for extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique.

These parameters include:

  • number of solvent or sample washings
  • plunger speed during sampling and injection
  • delay time of needle into the injector before and after injection
  • depth of needle into the injector


  • LiquidInjection type

Operating conditions

  • 160Number of positions

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