Luna® Omega 1.6 µm Polar C18 100 Å LC колонка 100 x 1.0 mm

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Luna Omega Polar C18

Luna® Omega Polar C18 is a novel HPLC/UHPLC stationary phase capable of providing a unique selectivity within a wide elution window and increased retention for both polar and non-polar analytes. The all-purpose C18 ligand provides hydrophobic interactions while a polar modified particle surface provides enhanced polar retention and also aqueous stability. These attributes make the Luna Omega Polar C18 an excellent choice for balanced retention of polar and hydrophobic compounds as well as to solely enhance retention of highly polar compounds.

A C18, But Different

Luna Omega Polar C18 is a uniquely modified C18-based chemistry that has been optimized to improve the performance of polar analyses. This new particle surface chemistry makes the Polar C18 applicable to all industries that utilize HPLC/UHPLC for mixtures of polar and non-polar compounds.

Aqueous stability

Traditional C18 phases are known to collapse under 100% aqueous conditions, causing retention loss of compounds and a method development headaches. That is why an advanced proprietary bonding technology was used for the Luna® Omega Polar C18 in order to ensure aqueous stability.

Support: fully porous Silica
Mean particle size: 1.6 μm
Mean pore size: 100 Å
pH Range: 1.5–8.5 under gradient conditions, 1.5–10 under isocratic conditions
Surface Area: 260 m2/g
Pressure Limit: 1000 ba


  • 1mmID
  • 100mmLC length

Stationary Phases

  • 1.6µmParticle Size
  • 100APor Size
  • Polar-C18LC Phases
  • Luna OmegaBrand
  • Fully PorousParticle Type


  • HPLC/UHPLCLC Technique

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