Kinetex 5µm XB-C18 100A HPLC Column 100 x 4.6 mm, Ea

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Catalog number: 00D-4605-E0

Welcome to the most versatile HPLC/UHPLC column on the planet

Introducing Kinetex™ – a leap in column particle technology that will change the way you think about UHPLC (Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Prepare to transform the performance of every HPLC instrument in your laboratory into UHPLC results by harnessing the power of core-shell technology. You can immediately improve resolution, throughput, and sensitivity as well as reduce solvent consumption. No longer restricted by the HPLC/UHPLC system divide, you can develop high performance LC methods on any instrument and transfer them anywhere.

For users of higher pressure capable instruments who want the highest level of efficiency, we introduce the Kinetex™ 1.3µm column – the first sub-1.5µm core-shell particle available on the market.

Important Features

  • Ultra-High Performance, Low Backpressure
  • Replace sub-2µm, 3µm and 5µm Columns
  • Increase Resolution and Maximize Throughput
  • Outperforms Traditional Fully Porous Columns
  • Complementary and Orthogonal Selectivity with C8, C18, XB-C18, Phenyl-Hexyl, PFP and HILIC Phases
  • Long Column Lifetime and Solvent Savings

More details about Kinetex Columns are available here


  • 4.6mmID
  • 100mmLC length

Stationary Phases

  • 5µmParticle Size
  • 100APor Size
  • C18+iso-butyl side chains+TMS endcappingLC Phases
  • KinetexBrand
  • Core-shell SilicaParticle Type


  • HPLC/UHPLCLC Technique

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