Kinetex 2.6µm F5 100A HPLC Column 150 x 4.6 mm

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Catalog number: 00F-4723-E0

While older pentafluorophenyl phases (PFP, PFPP, F5, etc.) are based on existing bonding techniques and technologies that promote irreproducibility, the Kinetex F5 was meticulously designed by Phenomenex R&D and its customers, to provide consistently accurate and high performance results. With the astonishing combination of core-shell performance and 5 interaction mechanisms, Kinetex® F5 columns will effortlessly drive your orthogonal HPLC/UHPLC development|

  • Reduce Method Development Time by Days
  • Greater Reproducibility than other PFPs
  • 5 Glorious Interaction Mechanisms
  • 5 Valuable LC Separation Modes

How it works

Hydrophobic interaction

Carbon skeleton of linker and ring encourage neutral/hydrophobic retention

Aromatic interaction

In non-acetonitrile mobile phases, π- π electrons of the carbon ring interact with analyte π- π electrons and result in positive retention increase

Electrostatic interaction

High electronegativity of the fluorine groups create dipole moments, aiding in polar compound retention. Induced dipole moments can also aid neutral compound retention.


Shape selectivity allows for isomeric separations that are otherwise impossible on traditional alkyl phases.

Hydrogen Bonding

Extremely effective retention mechanism caused as polar functional groups of analyte interact with the electron greedy fluorine

Stationary Phases

  • 100APor Size
  • F5LC Phases
  • KinetexBrand


  • HPLC/UHPLCLC Technique

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