(E)-Fenpyroximate, 10 ml, 10 ng/µl

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Номер по каталогу: 13545000CY/L

All standards of Dr. Ehrenstorfer are produced by the ISO9001. A certificate of Analysis is supplied with all „C“ and „CA“ neat products. Products with symbol „E“ are without a certificate. All solutions are supplied with a gravimetric certificate.

Standards are assigned an expiry date, which is printed on both product label and on the certificate.

Different, independent lots are available for all Reference Materials.

Product Codes

Catalogue number an example: 10330100AC/XA

  • 10330100 = Atrazine D5
  • AC = Aceton
  • X = solution >=100 ng/µl
  • A = in ampoules
  • C = certified neat
  • E = neat (not certified)
  • Y = solution >=1000 ng/µl
  • X = solution >=100 ng/µl
  • L = solution >=10 ng/µl
  • Z = solution <=10 ng/µl
  • A = in ampoules
Code Solvent
AB Acetone/Benzene
AC Acetone
AD Acetone D6
AH Acetone/H20
AL Acetonitrile
AM Acetone/Methanol 1:1
BE Benzene
BMI Benzene/Methanol
CT Cyklohexane/Toluene 1:1
CY Cyklohexane
DE 1,2-Dichlorethane
DH Diethylether
DI Dichloromethane
DO Deuterium oxide
EA Ethylacetate
EL Ethanol
HE n-Hexan
IO Iso-octane
IP Isopropanol
IT Iso-Octane/Toluene
MB Methyl-tert.butyl ether
ME Methanol
MO Mineral Oil
MW Methanol/H20
PE n-Pentan
TH Toluene/Hexane
TO Toluene
WA Water


  • MixtureOrganic analysis
  • Сертифицированный справочный материалCRM

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