CHS Polymer Plast PP, laboratory electrode with ZrO2 diaphragm, NTC30, 1 m cable length DIN+ mm banana

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Catalog number: CHS-5711-T1D

CHS Polymer Plast PP is an electrode with two diaphragms – zirconium (ZrO2) and open pore. It is suitable for more difficult applications where the polycarbonate electrode body does not withstand in the measured matrix, eg in organic solvents. Polypropylene body and ZrO2 diaphragm provide increased durability for more demanding applications Thanks to the plastic body it is suitable for portable devices.

Important features
  • two diaphragms allow pH measurement in more complex matrices
  • Polypropylene body provides higher resistance in organic matrices
  • suitable for portable instruments


  • pHPhys. property
  • Maintenance freeMaintenance
  • DIN + 4 mm bananaElectrical connection


  • 1 zirconium + 1 open poreDiaphragm
  • Ag/AgClReference system
  • 3M KClElectrolyte
  • NTC 30Temperature sensor
  • PlasticShaft material

Operating conditions

  • 0 - 80°COperating temperature
  • 0 - 14pHMeasuring range (pH)

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