CHS Polymer Green Temp BNC (NTC30) + Cinch, дължина на кабела 1 м

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Каталожен номер: CHS-5670-T1B

pH electrode CHS Polymer Green is suitable for laboratory use in a wide range of applications. It is a universal pH electrode that uses the open pore diaphragm. This diaphragm, combined with a special polymer electrolyte, ensures fast ion exchange and reduces the risk of diaphragm clogging. The color polymer allows easy visual inspection of the electrode.

Important Features

  • fast response and long service life
  • robust reference system
  • easy electrolyte control thanks to green tint
Possible connection options
  • connector S7
  • Fixed cable with BNC connector
  • Fixed cable with DIN connector
  • Fixed cable with BNC connector and Cinch connector (integrated temperature sensor)
  • Fixed cable with DIN connector and 4 mm connector (integrated temperature sensor)


  • pHPhys. property
  • без поддръжкаMaintenance
  • BNC + CinchElectrical connection


  • Oтворена дупкаDiaphragm
  • Ag/AgClReference system
  • PolymerElectrolyte
  • NTC 30Temperature sensor
  • СтъклоShaft material

Operating conditions

  • -10 - 100°COperating temperature
  • 0 - 14pHMeasuring range (pH)

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