Process sensors CHS

Process sensors CHS

The sensors CHS are electrochemical sensors manufactured in Switzerland for pH/ORP measurement of various media. Each sensor has a name, serial number, batch number, and temperature range on its body. All sensors are subject to double quality control, both in the factory and before receiving the Chromservis s.r.o. QC certificate is issued to the sensors based on visual inspection and response control by certified buffer.

We manufacture sensor and modify the offer according to current customer requirements. We supply versions with a S8 head, a fixed cable with a free end, a K8 or VP connector and a temperature sensor (Pt100 or PT1000).

The probes supplied have different types of glass, suitable for different applications, a special CHROMOLYTE electrolyte designed for the needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry. CHROMOLYTE electrolyte resists sterilization (SIP) and on-site cleaning (CIP) up to 130 ° C and can be used at pressure up to 6 bar.

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