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Professional labeling of vials

15. 08. 2023

Come and see the workshop with the introduction of the new printer. We established cooperation with the LlamaJET company, which produces a rather unique device - an industrial printer for printing vials with sample identification. The printer uses an industrial print head that applies special ink and cures the print using UV light. This ensures the durability of the print and resistance to many solvents.

A dual head that first applies a white field to the vial, which is then printed with black ink. The print can be:

  • Text, numbers

  • Barcode

  • QR code

  • A combination of the above

You can print on any vials and plastic microtubes. The printer includes an automatic system for detecting the tray with vials (racks). These seagulls can be different according to the size of the vials, and tailor-made seagulls can also be made. The printer also includes a sensor that monitors the presence of vials. Printing can be programmed from the printer, import from Excel, Google SPreadsheet, etc. can also be used, and for a higher level of integration there is the option of linking with LIMS, LDAP, SSO. This connection is then a matter of detailed analysis of needs and specifying what programming will be required.

Information about the workshop

  • Event date: 18.10. 2023
  • Place: Meeting room Chromservis, Jakobiho 327, 109 00 Prague 10 - Petrovice
  • Program:
    • 10:00 - 10:05 Start
    • 10:05 - 10:40 Product introduction (presentation)
    • 10:40 - 12:00 live demonstration of the device, discussion of product options

Send applications to: seminar@chromservis.eu . The number of participants is limited.