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Stationary phases

Chromatography phasesChromatography, either GC, HPLC, SPE, FLASH or preparative, uses many types of stationary phases. Here you wil find detailed information about stationary phases.

Stationary phases for analytical separation

Stationary phases for sample preparation

  • SPE
  • dSPE (QuEChERS)
  • IAC (Immunoaffinity Columns)
  • MEPS (Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent)
  • BULK (media for preparative chromatography)


Core-shell technology

Kinetex™ Ultra-High Performance on Any LC System

Welcome to the most versatile HPLC/UHPLC column on the planetIntroducing Kinetex™- a leap in column particle technology that will change the way you think about UHPLC (Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Prepare to transform the performance of every HPLC instrument in your laboratory into UHPLC results by harnessing the power of core-shell technology. You can immediately improve resolution, throughput, and sensitivity as well as reduce solvent consumption. No longer restricted by the HPLC/UHPLC system divide, you can develop high performance LC methods on any instrument and transfer them anywhere.

Advanced in Every Way
  • Ultra-High performance, low backpressure
  • Replaces 3 μm, 5 μm, and sub-2 μm columns
  • Increases resolution and maximizes throughput
  • Easier method transfer
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Long column lifetime
  • Solvent savings
  • Complementary and orthogonal selectivities
  • Wide applicability
  • Outperforms traditional fully porous columns

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